Watchtower Study, Sunday, July 24, 2022

Meeting Workbook for week of July 18, 2022

As a reminder, this website is for blind and low vision Jehovah’s witnesses, to assist with their personal study for meetings and be able to use at the Kingdom hall.

It is an outstanding meeting and study aid. Preparing for each weekly meeting builds faith and strengthens one spiritually, and being able to completely follow the meeting in sequential order is now made easy.

Publications can be navigated with typical VoiceOver finger swipes. For example, a two finger swipe down, will read straight through the entire Watchtower or Workbook information without stopping. Then, a two finger single tap will pause and re-start the reading.

VoiceOver Rotor and Swipe Tips:

First, to get to the Rotor, go to settings, General, Accessibility, VoiceOver, then Rotor will be down in the list of voiceOver choices.

In the weekly Watchtower lesson, if you set the rotor on Headings, a one finger swipe down will jump from one paragraph to the next paragraph, and a one finger swipe up will jump back by paragraph.

In addition, using a one finger left to right swipe, you can control the reading. One swipe will read to the end of the question, paragraph or to the cited scripture. The next left to right swipe will read the scripture, or the next paragraph.

Conversely, to re-read the previous scripture, sentence, question or paragraph, swipe once from right to left. Depending on where the reading stopped, it will re-read the previous item.

In the Mid-Week Meeting with the rotor on Headings, a one finger swipe down will jump from one section to the next. For example, from Treasures from God’s word, to Digging for spiritual gems etc.

Furthermore, the website can be used with an iPad or iPhone with a Bluetooth keyboard, by turning Quick-Nav on and using the Right and Left Arrow keys to navigate up and down the content. Then, Siri will read it to you one paragraph at a time.

(However, recognize the fact that with any software, inconsistencies may often happen.) One issue noted is the page may jump back to the beginning. That is why it is beneficial to keep the rotor on headings, then, only a few one finger swipes down, will once again return to the beginning of that part.

Weekly, prior to each meeting, the Christian Ministry Workbook and Watchtower Study are updated on Jwhelper with the most current version. Once new material is on the website, readers will be sent an email with the link to the appropriate meeting.

The owner of this site makes no warranties as to accuracy of the contents. Use at your own risk.


Roger Freeman (502)-326-0640.