New World Translation Bible Books are listed below and may be accessed by the visually impaired using a bluetooth keyboard that has Option and Command keys.

Voiceover commands can be used. For example, to find a Bible Book on this page, press Control Option plus F, and then type part of the bible book name, then press enter - don't forget to press enter!

You will then be situated on the link to that book in this application. To activate a link in Quick-Nav, press the up and down keys together.

When you are in a Bible book page, you can use Control Option plus F and then type the chapter dot verse, rather than chapter colon verse, and then you must press enter to activate the search.  Why not a colon?  The dot is easier to find on a bluetooth keyboard than a colon. Be patient - it takes a split second to find verse 1 dot 1 - but it can take a while to find verse 66 dot 22!

When in any page you can go to a prior URL or page by pressing Command plus the left or right square bracket. This is exactly like touching the less than icon, or greater than icon at the top of the screen. Command W closes the page you are in and takes you back to a prior page.